Ciao! I am Michele your Italian Photographer!

I am a photographer, a daydreamer, a traveler, here to give back and create and be the best me possible.

To me photographing is a chance to capture a moment in time that will never return a soul and the essens of who is in front of me. I’m sentimental and emotional as a being – I want to preserve memories or re-create a feeling for you later when you look at that image again from a different point in your life.

I believe in always choosing LOVE over fear – I believe in real over perfect and I’m a big dreamer and wanderer. I always question things – I think of new concepts and creative ideas all the time and love to help others develop theirs.

I love being among happy people, I love everything that brings happiness, and I always try to work for that!

I love people i love parties , I LOVE WEDDINGS, and all I have been looking for in my career has been to try to translate emotions on paper in the truest and most sincere way possible

I like to shoot in ambient light to be less invasive and as discreet as possible, and this allows me to find space in intimate moments that will remain forever.

I feel a very lucky person because love makes me live, and makes me feel alive, and I put all of myself and all my positive energy to deserve this luck